A little about us…

he discovery of a wine is of 
greater moment than 
the discovery of a constellation. 

The universe is too full of stars.

Ben Franklin
Patron Saint of The Oral History of Wine Websites

I’ve always been fascinated by wine. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

I started meeting the people who make the stuff that makes life worth living, hearing their stories, and found them fascinating.

This site is dedicated their stories in their own words. Is one of them possibly yours?

We’re in production on a documentary series about New York Wine.

It’s all about who and what makes New York Wine amazing …

  • The people who started it
  • The people who grow and make it
  • Those who work in the tasting rooms or provide ambiance at the winery
  • The wine shop proprietors who sell it
  • The restauranteurs who know you can’t truly call yourself farm to table unless you have local wines

Anyone who has a New York wine story to tell, we want to hear from you and share it with the world.

If you’d love to tell us your New York Wine Story, drop us a line!

Thanks … Tim Lorge, Filmmaker

Please Tell Us Your NY Wine Story

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